“Taste is something that you just can’t learn.” – Michael Khors

I love Project Runway. Something wonderful happens when you put this many creative people in a pressure cooker. I watch it all from the comfort of my living room waiting with anticipation to see what someone creates out of a bag of scarves or a pile of edible veggies. It is hard enough to create something amazing when you have lots of time and all the materials you need, but when you add in a time limit and force people to use random materials, it’s so much fun. And while I love almost everything about this show,  the best part of Project Runway is Michael Khors. His creativity doesn’t stop with his clothing design, no, he wields his best weapon when he is describing the awful creations that these contestants create.

Ask for Help

We all have different strengths, sometimes design is not our gifting. That’s okay, just find someone you trust that you can ask. If you see a portfolio of someone’s products that you like, then if they give you feedback about your style – then listen to them. It’s okay to let go of your pride and trust someone else. I’m not good at math, or using maps, or budgeting – that is why I have a CPA and I always use the GPS on my for directions. Asking for help isn’t bad, it’s NECESSARY.